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Historic Location: New Idea

A Hub for Innovation & Creativity

$89,430 raised

$3,500,000 goal

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CREATE Portage County is moving forward with plans to relocate its IDEA Center to the former Fox Theater. The move will reinvent the location as a 21st-century hub for innovation and creativity, adding new co-working, project, maker, event, and community gathering spaces to the heart of downtown Stevens Point.

Informed by the recent planning and feasibility study that included interviews with more than 80 people, our plan makes use of a trend in architecture that will save the building’s facade and what is valuable of the side walls while constructing a new, energy efficient building within that shell. Our improved design will blend new construction with useful and historically significant components of the building, thus preserving the presence of the historic Grand Opera House, as well as the soul of its history, in a way that is sustainable, less costly to operate, and based on current use of the IDEA Center.