Help us invest in a community 3D printer! image

Help us invest in a community 3D printer!

Support projects and products that repurpose our community's plastic waste!

$11,970 raised

$15,000 goal

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We are ready to launch our RE[CREATE] Makerspace! This space will use 3D printing and mold casting to turn plastic bottles, bags, and other waste into new products. This investment will...

  • provide accessible opportunities for residents interested in 3D design and printing;
  • support partnerships with regional schools and youth organizations, teaching young people about problem solving, product development, and 3D design;
  • provide entrepreneurs access to a unique method of manufacturing, adding character and backstory to locally-made products;
  • support creative placemaking efforts through the production of benches, sculptures, and other items made from our own community waste; and
  • elevate Portage County's creative and environmental identities!
CREATE has secured a $15,000 grant in support of this project, and we are seeking out community members to match our investment!